How To Stop Google Chrome From Auto Translating Your Website

This is a little different kind of blog post for Chrome Story. But it is still related to Chrome and Chrome OS. But the tip is for those who own and operate websites, or webmasters.

Google Chrome has this auto translate feature that pops up automatically when you open webpages in a different language than the one you have set as your primary language on Google Chrome / Chrome OS. This feature was recently added to Chrome for Android too.

If a webmaster wants, they can disable this feature by adding a bit of code to their webpage. You can add <meta name=”google” value=”notranslate”> to the <head> of your page and the Translate infobar won’t be shown in Google Chrome, François Beaufort says.

Users Can Still Ask Chrome to Translate The Page

There is not much for users to worry about. Even though the Chrome will not automatically show the translation bar offering a translated version of the page, users can still right click on the page and choose “Translate to…”

Webmasters and developers, you can smile now 🙂

  1. This would be useful on some sites where you’d expect to occasionally see foreign language content but the main page content is english and you don’t need to translate it.

    Though this doesn’t appear to offer that level of control (you still might want to translate into other languages FROM English).

    Example: Google Reader could use this, if it wasn’t going away.

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