Here is How You Can Play With Chromebook Pixel’s Lightbar. Your Apps Can Control it in Future

 shared this very interesting info on Google Plus today. You can actually control the lightbar of your Chromebook pixel if you are on developer mode (Not developer channel of Chrome OS)

The lightbar can be controlled using a tool named “ectool” which you can access by going to Chrome OS shell (ctrl + alt + t to open a command prompt, and then type shell to access root permissions)

There are lots of other things you can do with the light bar, right now you need to be in developer mode but I had a conversation with Bill Richardson who stated that he is working to expose control for the lightbar to developers via a Javascript call in the future. This would allow Chrome apps to control the lightbar in the future, says 

We will soon see apps that can use the lightbar to show notifications or game related effects. Yes, they did put it there because it is cool. But the fun is anyways, only if you have a Pixel.

How to Control Lightbar on Chromebook Pixel

As I said, you need to be on developer mode for this to work. Here is the official documentation on how to switch to developer mode.

Once you are on developer mode, press ctrl + alt + t and open a command prompt. Now type shell and press enter. Now you are on a command line with root access to your Pixel. Now, here is the list of commands that you can use to play with the pixel, complete with comments!


//Do the konami code
ectool lightbar seq stop
ectool lightbar seq run

//run the actual sequence
ectool lightbar seq konami

//stop sequences so you can play with the lightbar
ectool lightbar seq stop

//turn the lights on manually
//turn all lights to green
ectool lightbar 4 00 ff 00

//turn the first led to blue
ectool lightbar 0 00 00 ff

//turn the lightbar off
ectool lightbar off

//turn the lightbar on
ectool lightbar on

//start the sequence again and return things to normal
ectool lightbar init
ectool lightbar seq run


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