Experimental Flags on chrome://flags Page Gets Permalinks #useful

It was short, and things were easy to find. And it was called Chrome Labs. Then they renamed it to Chrome Flags, and filled it with lots of cool things. Because of the pace at which the team moved, the list became longer and not-so-fun-to-manage. But looks like Google is trying to make things little more easy for those who love to take a bite of experiments while they are still hot.

Recently they added an option to restart Chrome directly from the flags page, and also disable all flags at once to put Chrome back to the original state. And now, we have the most useful feature getting added to the flags page, permalink for each flag so that it is easy to share them.

At present, if I have to ask you to enable a flag, I will have to tell you to open chrome://flags, locate the xyz flag and enable it. A permalink makes this process easy. I can just give the direct link to the experiment that I am talking about. For example chrome://flags#enable-webp-in-accept-header , instead of saying “Go to chrome://flags and look for the WebP Header flag to activate it”


Another new feature added is an option to sort unavailable/available flags. There are certain experiments that work only on some platforms, say, an experimental feature on the Files App on Chrome OS. You get an option to view all the flags supported on the platform that you are on, say Windows, Mac or Chrome OS.

Useful, as I said!

via François Beaufort

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