Make Feedly Look Like Google Reader With This Chrome Extension

This one is… crazy, funny but useful for many who will miss Google Reader when it is finally closed down. Feedly Reader is a Google Chrome extension that redesigns your Feedly to make it looks like Google Reader. Simply the best way to get your Google Reader back.

It is going to be perfect for those who will miss Google Reader and not just a feed reader. If it was just for the feed reader, there are many others, including feedly available. But for those who cannot live without Google Reader, this IS the solution.

Feedly has already announced that they have a Google Reader like back-end ready, and the transition will be smooth. When Google Reader is gone, Feedly will switch users automatically to their own system, and then you install this extension, you get your Google Reader back!


Think you’ll need this one? Install it from here.

Me? I am still with Feedly!

via Addictive Tips

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