How To Stop Chromebook From Grouping Windows Per Application

Between ‘s questions and Trevor Howard‘s answers on Google Plus the other day, I learned a very useful tip the other day. It is possible to stop Chrome OS from grouping tabs per application, on the taskbar.

App Grouping on Chrome OS

Similar to what Windows does on your PC, Chrome OS also groups tabs from same application on the taskbar. For example, if I open Gmail, and then Google Tasks (which is usually inside Gmail, but I prefer it as  a separate window) I will have to click the Gmail icon on the taskbar, and choose Gtasks  from the list.

But there is a way to stop this. It is a flag available at chrome://flags. Look for Disable per application sorting in the launcher. It is little confusing when you read the name of the flag and the description (Disable the per application sorting mode of the launcher.) Because you are enabling a flag that disables a feature.

Well, go ahead and enable the flag, restart your Chromebook, and try opening a few windows from the same application. It should be listed as separate items on your taskbar.


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