Google Announces Kiosk Mode in Chrome OS For Enterprises

I have told you this story once, but I think it is worth saying again on this post. My bank keeps a windows PC in every branch for customers to login to their online accounts. I have used it couple of times to check my account number (ha! I remember only the customer ID which I use to login).

They are maintaining an entire windows PC just for making a browser available for customers. And they put IE on it!

Sounds like a nice place that Chrome OS can fit right in? I thought so! But you need to have some features to control and limit etc, before you can deploy something like this. Google Chrome OS’ Kiosk Mode is just that.

Chrome OS in Kiosk Mode

Chrome OS in Kiosk Mode

And today, Google announced it officially on the Google Enterprises Blog. Here is a small list of examples the team has put together, but I am sure we can add another hundred to it.

  • Order out-of-stock items online while at a retail store
  • Search for books and browse the web at the library
  • Update machine and inventory info from the manufacturing floor
  • Access the company portal and update HR info from the employee break room
  • Catch up on work in a hotel business center

Talking about features, “Administrators can easily customize any Chrome device to be a public session device using the web-based management console. The features that you’ll find in the console include the ability to set the default sites and apps a user sees at login, custom brand the homepage, block sites and apps that shouldn’t be accessed, configure device inputs and outputs, and set timed log-out sessions. For security reasons, public session data is cleared on logout so the next user starts fresh“.

Looks promising! I can see more Chromeboxes getting packed for shipment. Reason? companies can easily remove their existing PC CPU unit, keep the monitor, keyboard and mouse and connect it to the new Chromebox!

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