Chrome OS Files App and Google Drive Gets Some Love – Works Way Better Now!

The Files app and Google Drive integrated with it got some redesign love with the latest Developer Channel  update. It is actually the Google Drive part of the Files app that got the best of it. Here is a quick walk through.

First up, a tiny little icon to tell you when Google Drive is offline:


Access Google Drive Files From Omnibar

This is something totally new. You can now access the files from Google Drive files (not the web version) using the Omnibar, just like you open files from your PC using a browser. The URL starts with drive:drive/root/, then needs to be completed with the path to your file.

Nothing to be excited about, unless the team has plans to implement something different along with this, a Chrome OS twist. Here is a screenshot of how it looks like.


Google Drive on Chrome OS Done Better

Finally, the best part of the update. I am sure you will know why it is the most important part of this update, just by looking at the screenshot below.



The Files app now organizes files on your Google Drive better. It has a Shared with me section which shows files shared by others through Google Drive.

The Recent section displays recently accessed files. One or two days with this new update, I found myself using this section a lot (and Google Drive in general)

Offline section shows files, yes, that are available offline on your Chromebook. I can see lot of smiles around here now!

Future – Packaged App

François Beaufort reports that the Files app is becoming a full packaged app. This is currently available as a flag (not available on chrome://flags) . Making Files it a complete packaged app gives it a solid foundation. You will also see some tweaks on the appearance as it changes in to a packaged app. Wait for a cleaner looking Files app!



You will see more updates on this soon. Stay tuned!

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