OneTab Saves Memory By Reducing Opens Tabs In To A List Temporarily

I liked OneTab for two reasons. One it is a great idea. Second, it works smooth and fast. This is a great extension for anyone who keeps more than 5 tabs open during any browsing session. If you are someone who does lot of reading and research online, read this one carefully. I am sure you will install this one for sure.

So, what does it do?

Once installed, the OneTab icon is displayed on the Chrome toolbar. When you have too many tabs open, you click this icon.The extension closes all your tabs and shows them as a clickable list on a new tab. By doing this, according to the developer, this extension saves 95% of memory for you. Well, it is straightforward, when you close all your tabs, you get the memory freed up.

From the clickable list generated by the OneTab extension, you can either restore all of them at once, or click and open links individually.

You can remove links from this OneTab list by clicking the X icon that shows up when you hover the mouse on each link.


Share Those Links As A Webpage

Another neat feature of this extension is sharing. Once you have a OneTab open with a few links, you can share them as a webpage. You can do this by clicking the Share all as web page link on the top right corner. OneTab makes your current OneTab a webpage that you can share publicly. No login required.

You can export or import webpages as well. When you click Export, OneTab lists all tabs as plain text. This can be copy pasted to a different computer, using the Import option available in the extension, to transfer links. This is useful if you are a privacy conscious or links that you are sharing are confidential.

I am not really sure, but looks like the extension uses local storage to remember tabs from your previous OneTab. This is pretty useful.

Like it? Get it here.

Feature Request

May be this is already available and I missed it. When I click the extension, I want the tab that I am currently on remain open, and close others and put in to OneTab, instead of closing all of them.

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