Netflix Makes it to Samsung ARM Chromebooks

Exciting news for Netflix-Chromebook lovers. Samsung’s ARM Chromebook can now play movies from Netflix. Our team has collaborated with Microsoft and Netflix to allow you to stream your favorite content via HTML5 said Google Chrome’s community manager Melissa Daniels.

This is the first instance of Netflix using HTML5 for streaming instead of Silverlight. However for users, this will not make any change. Netflix videos will stream with the same level of clarity, and there is no effort required from users other than logging in and playing the movie!

When the ARM Chromebook by Samsung came out, one of the main complaints was the lack of Netflix support. Most of the forum posts had this question, is there a workaround to get Netflix working. I am sure there are many people who decided not to buy a $249 Chromebook because of this very reason.


This update makes the $249 Chromebook even more useful. But anyways, with or without Netflix, Samsung ARM Chromebook is my favorite Chromebook so far.

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