How To Change Wallpaper on a Chromebook

A desktop with cool wallpapers is the single best thing that happened to Chromebooks after they were launched. Chrome OS started as just a browser and most people complained that they felt locked in. But a desktop and wallpapers changed all that. Chromebooks still give browser and some apps around it, but the desktop and the wallpaper has changed the perspective.

Recently, Google added a new API that will allow extensions and apps change wallpaper on Chromebooks. Here is the very first app available on the Chrome Web store to change Chrome OS wallpaper.

This is a short and simple guide on how to change the wallpaper on Chrome OS (which means, Chromebooks and Chromeboxes and may be other things coming in the future)

Change Wallpaper on a Chromebook

  1. Right click on the desktop or anywhere on the launcher (taskbar on the bottom of the desktop) the following menu appearsset_wallpaper
  2. Select Set wallpaper….
  3. The page with wallpapers will be displayed. You can browse categories or click All to list all available wallpapers.select_chromebook_wallpaper
  4. When a wallpaper is selected, it will be downloaded. It will take a few seconds to download and ready for you.
  5. To select a custom wallpaper, click Custom and browse and select a wallpaper from your Files app.

So, that’s how you do it. I am waiting for more interesting things for wallpapers. There will soon be extensions and apps that will download pictures from the web and set as wallpaper, or may be live wallpapers like Android with news headlines and other interesting stuff!

There is a lot more in the works for Chrome OS wallpapers. Wallpapers already sync (except for the custom wallpapers, which will be synced, may be in future). The team is also planning an app that changes wallpapers regularly, updating from an RSS feed.

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  • admin 27/06/2013, 5:50 pm

    in the guest account on Chromebook, you do not get these desktop options