Dell Updates Their Chromium OS Build for Dell Mini (Again)

Thank you Dell. You have helped me a lot with those Chromium OS builds when I was on my Dell Mini with Chromium OS. Now that I have a Cr48 with me, I no longer have Chromium OS on my Dell mini, but it is a nice feeling to see you guys updating the Chromium OS builds, even though it is not very frequent.

Chromium OS works on Dell Mini without any issues, except for the Wifi.  The Broadcom wireless driver is not supported in Chromium OS. So Dell’s linux team compiled an experimental build so that their users can play with Chromium OS on Dell Minis. You can read more about this here, along with instructions for installing this build.

google chrome os  Dell Updates Their Chromium OS Build for Dell Mini With Wifi   Download Now !!

Here is the “release notes” from this updated experimental build.

So sorry this has taken so long to get up to speed. FYI, I have inserted the older synaptics touchpad driver config file into the X11 config directory to enable the older touchpads to work. I have no idea how long the ChromeOS team will keep the synaptics driver in the ChromiumOS manifests – hopefully they will just let it live on in there… the CMT driver does not appear to work with older touchpads.

I have also noticed that the ChromiumOS installer no longer persists the dev mode – that is, the install key has been crafted with dev mode enabled (so that you can utilize a shell within crosh). Once installed on the HDD, this dev mode goes away. I’m looking into ways to try to keep it around.

So, once again, thank you Dell. But hey, why don’t you just release a Chromebook also?

Download from here.


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