Debugging Internet Connection Issues on a Chromebook

Yes, I have written a lot of about how to make your Chromebook useful when you are offline. But honestly, Chromebooks are not at their best when you are not connected and that is why staying connected, and finding way to troubleshoot when you get disconnected, is really important on Chrome OS. Luckily, we have some built in tools available on Chrome OS.

Note: Some features explained here are available only on Development channel as of now. But it will be on your Chromebook too, very soon.

Diagnostics – Start Here

The Diagnostics page is a good starting point for figuring out what is wrong with your Chromebook’s internet connection. It will help you locate the problem by testing the following

  • Test hardware, Wifi or 3G, depending on what you are using to connect.
  • Test connection to your router
  • And then to the internet

With this test, you should be able to locate where exactly the problem is occurring. Open chrome://diagnostics/ to run this test. The test starts automatically when you open the page. To run the test again, click the  Run Again button located at the top right corner of the page.

Realtime Connection Even Log

The chrome://network/1 page gives you a realtime log of your internet connection. This page is refreshed every second and shows the newest event on the top of the list.

The page also lists the networks that you are currently connected to, along with the following information about each network.

  • Name
  • Type
  • State
  • Path
  • IP
  • Security
  • Technology
  • Activation
  • Roaming
  • Strength

That is a lot of information for you to work with!

Run Network Tests on A URL (and more)

The chrome://net-internals/#tests page lets you debug a specific URL by running tests. Input a URL which failed to load, and then click the button to run some tests for why it failed it says.


You can enter a URL and click Start Tests and you will start seeing test results. So if it just a website or two that you are experiencing trouble with, this page will tell you why Chrome OS is not able to load it for you.

But testing a URL is not the only thing that this page can do. If you look at the sidebar, it is has an extensive list of useful information (I couldn’t figure out half of them without googling though!)

So next time you find a network related issue on your Chromebook, you know where and what to look for!

Thank you François Beaufort!

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