Code School and Google Launches “Discover Dev Tools” for Chrome Developers

Developer news: Google and Code School are bringing a course on using Chrome Developer tools better. This is “an interactive Code School training course that will teach you how to take advantage of Chrome DevTool’s powerful suite of resources and speed up the development and debugging of your web apps.

What Will You Learn?

  1. Level 1: Getting Started & Basic DOM and Styles
  2. Level 2: Advanced DOM and Styles
  3. Level 3: Working With the Console
  4. Level 4: Debugging JavaScript
  5. Level 5: Improving Network Performance
  6. Level 6: Improving Performance
  7. Level 7: Memory Profiling

That’s the course content from the Code School website.

“In each of the seven chapters of this interactive course, you can watch an overview video teaching you the latest techniques, and follow a series of challenges where your knowledge will be put to the test. We’ve integrated the Chrome DevTools themselves into the course, so as you explore the functionality within them, you’ll get immediate feedback and earn points and badges” Google says.

More Details Here and Here

Any happy developers here?

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