This Android is Made of Chrome (Is Android 5.0 Krome?)

It first appeared on Google Plus as just a picture. Then it started becoming a rumor, and then a huge speculation. Introducing an Android made of Chrome (as in, the metal)

This picture shows an Android statue at Google’s campus, made of Chrome. Android Community Manager Paul Wilcox posted this on his Google Plus profile, and when speculations started he added this note too. “To be clear, this post is a little tongue-in-cheek and is not meant to be a sneaky announcement of a new version of Android,” he wrote. “It is, however, an announcement of a new statue.”


Things started going wild when people asked, why is this Android statue made using Chrome, unlike all other Android statues there on Google campus.That was the first step. Then people started saying that next version of Android will be called Krome, and not Key Lime Pie as everyone had assumed. I do not really believe this.

First reason. Qualcomm leaked the name of the next version of Android the other day, making it certain that Android 5.0 is indeed Key Lime Pie.

Secondly, I don’t think Google will break its tradition of naming Android versions after desserts just because Chrome and Android are stitched together in an Android version.

So, What’s The Connection Between Android and Chrome in 5.0?

For now, all we have is rumors and speculations. My personal favorite is, Chrome OS being able to run Android applications. Imagine you opening up Google Play store from your Chrome browser, installing Flipboard and running it on your beautiful Chromebook.


But, as I said, they are rumors and speculations for now. For now, I’ve kept myself in chrome alert, I mean, Chrome + Android alert, and is looking for any clue leading towards this secret connection between Google’s two operating systems.

If I come across anything, you will definitely get to read it here. So stay tuned!

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