Rich Notifications on Chrome and Chrome OS – One More Step Towards Google Now

Latest screenshots of rich notifications on Chrome OS unearthed by François Beaufort has revealed Google Now like cards being used for Chrome OS notifications.  The screenshot shows various iterations of two notifications, and one of them looks 95% like a Google Now card.


There are notifications from Google Plus and also messenger/Google talk. Looking at how things are looking right now, we we will soon see better looking notifications on Chrome OS soon, if not Google Now. They may keep that announcement for an event like Google IO.

That Mysterious Icon

The screenshot posted by François Beaufort had a new icon pinned to Chrome OS taskbar. It looks similar to Google Products’ color scheme, but we have never seen such an icon anywhere.

Many people I know think that it is a unified messaging app for Chrome and Chrome OS. Something that will put talk, messenger and Google Plus hangouts together. Here, take a look and let me know what you think!


For Developers

The rich notifications on Chrome and Chrome OS is not just for Google Now. Developers can make use of an API to create custom notifications. Here is the documentation.

Google Now or Not, rich notifications are cool indeed!

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