“Link” (That Chromebook Pixel Thing) will Come With Intel Ivy Bridge and LTE?

Since the name Chromebook Pixel has become widely popular, I had to put that up there, even if I did not want to. A cheap trick to attract attention, you see.

So, more details of Link (the actual device Google is testing) has been discovered. We already know that the device has a touchscreen and a back-lit keyboard. New code bits that myce.com found shows that the device will have an Intel Ivy Bridge processor and LTE connectivity.


Google developers have also been working hard to establish code to let  ChromeOS support Ivy Bridge CPUs. A specific change in the source code talks about adding support for the ‘Link’ chipset. By watching what changed in the file its obvious that the only thing changed is support for the Pantherpoint chipset which hosts Intel’s latest generation CPUs based on the Ivy Bridge architecture. It’s unknown whether that CPU will be a Celeron, Core i3/i5/i7 and at what clockspeed. Given the fact that Chromebooks usually are thin clients, a Celeron CPU would be the best bet.

To connect to the internet the Chromebook will use Wifi but also LTE support is included.  In a thread about the Link device on Google Code, the Chrome OS developers talk about a Novatel E362 LTE modem which is a PCIe card.

This again makes me think that Link will be the first premium Chrome OS device. It will be Nexus One of Chromebooks.

Google did hear the request of Chromies for a back-list keyboard. And looks like they heard Linus Torvalds’s comments about low resolution of today’s notebook computers. Tablets are doing better, he said.

Do you have anything in your wish list?

via androidauthority.com

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