Is “Chromebook Pixel” Real?

So how real is this Chromebook Pixel Thing. Here is a few points I collected. Be free to add yours in the comments.

Chromebook Pixel is NOT Real

  1. Chromebook pixel was not mentioned in Chromium source code like many other leaks we have seen.
  2. The content of the website which leaked the video, the profile and posts of its CEO, all had bad grammar  and sounded like some of those emails that offer you $100 million USD.
  3. All the updates from were, hmm I know what to say… really funny?. Anyways, there was no logic at all. They said they got hacked, said sorry, and then continued to post updates about the leak itself, like a link to an alternate source to watch the video (after the original video was removed from Youtube)

Chromebook Pixel IS Real

  1. François Beaufort found a reference of a “Light Bar” with Google colors on Link (which we know is a touch screen Chromebook) This Light Bar has the 4 Google colors: Blue, Red, Yellow and Green and here’s how it gonna work:At Startup or wake from sleep,
    Google colors cycle in.While running,
    > 25% battery: All blue
    <= 25% battery: All redShutting down, or going into sleep:
    Cycle out the Google colorsThis sounds very similar to something we saw on the leaked video. Like this:
  2. A new flag has been added to Chrome OS which forces “high DPI”. This means, the team is definitely working on a device with very high screen resolution.
  3. was registered by a domain registrar named which Google uses occasionally. This was registered in October 2012. We started seeing rumors of a Google branded touchscreen Chromebook around the same time.

Why Chromebook Pixel?

A few reasons that I can think of.

  1. Just like Nexus series with Android, Google wants to push the bar and make other OEMs to follow.
  2. Take big risk of producing a high config Chrome OS device, and convince OEMs that Chrome OS is ready for prime time. (if they are not yet convinced, that is)
  3. Google wants to show that Chromebook does not need to be cheap to sell.

One Thing Is Sure

Pixel or no-pixel. A touchscreen Chromebook is indeed being tested at Google and they are calling it Link.

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