How To View Permissions for Chrome Extensions You Have Installed

Extension permissions? Remember that little pop-up that you get when you install any Chrome extension? It lists the permissions needed for the extension that you are installing. You review the permissions and click Add to install the extension.

You find a lot of extensions and install a few more. Now, what if you want to go ahead and review all the permissions that you allowed for these extensions?

Google Chrome team has added a new way of doing this. This is available on Dev channel for now, and will be rolling out to beta and stable releases in coming weeks.

How To View Extension Permissions on Google Chrome

Open chrome://extensions and click on Permissions. A popup window will show you permissions used by that extension.

If you think a particular extension has got some permissions that does not really need, and smell something fishy, you can disable or delete the extension from the same page.

via François Beaufort

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