Get Ready for Screensavers On Your Chromebook!

Screensavers, I said.  Because the team is planning to introduce screensavers as an API which developers can use to code their own cool screensavers. Think Daydream in Android;news, flipboard time or other stuff on screensaver.

The code started mentioning this feature back in Feb 2012 and we got to see the screensaver demo as well.

Today, we have  a confirmation that something is coming, in the next developer build. Here is the commit log.

Screensaver implementation for ChromeOS.
This is the initial implementation for screensaver extensions. The feature is currently behind a flag and installing an extension with a screensaver permission without the flag enabled will do nothing.
This currently allows one Screensaver extension to be installed at a time, and brings up the screensaver after a fixed 2 minutes. Further work to be done is to add different timeouts for power manager if the screensaver is active, add more tests and add security features for the screensaver permission (if needed, this needs to be discussed still).

This change has landed in the Chromium OS build. So, when you get the next developer build update, go ahead and open up chrome://flags and look for the following flag: “Enable screensaver extensions.

Developers, Get Ready!


Are you a Developer? Get ready to make a cool screensaver app for Chrome  OS! I am yet to find any documentation on this, but as soon as I get it, I will update the post. If anyone of you have a link already, let me know in the comments.

And when you get one ready, do let me know, so that I can share it here.

Guys, What Do You Want to See on Chrome OS Screensaver?

It’s time to put our wishlist together. Come up with cool ideas, let us make a list! Here is mine:

  • News
  • Social Media Updates (my twitter feed)

What is yours?

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