“First Versions of Chrome OS Were Based on Firefox”

That’s news to me. I am sure it is for most of you. Here is the deal. Jeffrey Nelson, an ex-Googler and the guy who created Chrome OS (before it was Chrome) has written detailed article about how Chrome OS was born, and how it run Firefox, not Chrome, because Chrome was yet to be born!

The First Response – You Can’t Use it On An Airplane

First, Chromebook was initially rejected by Google management.  In fact I wrote the first version as early as July 2006 and showed it around to management.  Instead of launching a project, the response was extremely tepid.  My boss complained, “You can’t use it on an airplane.”

Sounds familiar?

Chrome OS Was Based on Firefox


Or Google OS was. Because the OS was called Google OS when it was created for the first time.

Second, Google OS was not originally written for Chrome or called “Chrome OS”.  The first versions were all based on Firefox.  When I wrote the first version in 2006, Google had not yet started developing a web browser of its own, nor had the name “Chrome” exist as a Google product.  Chrome versions followed in 2007, after internal beta test versions of Chrome started to be passed around inside Google.

The First Priority Was Speed, Not A Web OS

Surprising, again!

Fourth, the main priority of Chromebook – originally – was not to write a webapp-only operating system.  In fact, the main priority when I started constructing the operating system was the need for speed – to create a super-fast operating system.

If you are a Chrome OS /Chromebook user, or love reading about Google and their products, you will definitely love this article.

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