CDW to Offer Enterprise Chromebook Support

If you had any doubt about Chromebook’s consistent growth in enterprise market, here is something that will erase all that. CDW, a multi-billion dollar technology sales and support company, will be offering both Chromebook sales and management to their business customers.

Lenovo Chromebook, HP Chromebook, and now the CDW offering, these are strong reasons for us to believe that Chrome OS is indeed gaining ground in the enterprise market.


Andrea Bradshaw, CDW’s senior director and general manager for mobility solutions, said, “Two tech powerhouses—Google and CDW—have teamed up to offer complete Google Chromebook solutions to CDW’s more than 250,000 customers. Here’s why the Chromebook solution’s mobile, cloud-based computing matters:”

  • Scalability: Large quantities of Chromebooks all operating under the same cloud-based network to keep organizations connected.
  • Deployment: Seamless implementation of Chromebook fleets, including network assessments and wireless configuration to ensure bandwidth.
  • Security: A management console that ensures Chromebooks are protected by Web filters and firewalls.

“The partnership not only offers a cost-effective device, but also ease of use for the end user and peace of mind for management,”

Specifically, CDW now offers Acer and Samsung Chromebooks. Sometime soon CDW will also sale Lenovo and HP Chromebooks. On all of these they’ll also supply Web-based management and applications—a full, cloud-based computing solution. The CDW will also include an array of network, integration and configuration services. CDW will also be able to support any Chromebooks you already have in-house, says

How Will This Help Chrome OS?

You know why Lenovo released a Chromebook? Because corporations love Lenovo hardware. So much so that even with Chrome OS, they preferred Lenovo devices. That means, even while adopting new trends, enterprises tend to play safe. They trust some when it comes to software, hardware and services. With a big time IT services and support company to push, Chrome OS can run even more faster. They will definitely convince many enterprises and bring in Chrome OS.

What say?

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