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Is Chromebook Pixel a real deal? Or was it a brilliant fake?

I don’t know.

But what I know now is, was registered by back in October. Google uses for domain registrations from time to time.  discovered the domain registration.


Does that say anything about Chromebook Pixel.

I still don’t know.

But, if you remember, the domain was registered around the same time when rumors about a Google branded touchscreen Chromebook hit the interwebs. The report said:

Supply chain revealed that Google designed netbook with touch functionality, but notice the order amount is not large, tentative only 20 million units to infer the nature of internal testing, the components plants begin shipping in November, is responsible for OEM Compal fastest will start shipping at the end of the year.

Do you remember? The video said, “designed entirely by Google”. Remember the stress they were giving on that point? My initial guess was that Google will let one of its Chrome OS partners do the manufacturing. But looks like they decided to follow the Cr48 style here. They designed the hardware, and outsourced the manufacturing part. Are they going to follow the same method here? Is that why they were saying “Designed entirely by Google”

This Chromebook Pixel thing is still an amazing thing to drool over! For now, I will give it a 50-50 chance. We will revisit those numbers when we get more tidbits like this.

What say?

via OMG Droid.

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