Search via SSL for all Chrome Users from v.25

Google Chrome will have a welcome change from version 25. All search traffic from the Omnibox (the addressbar of Chrome) will go through a secured (SSL) channel. Currently this is available only for users who have opted for Chromesync.

Serving content over SSL provides users with a more secure and private search experience. It helps ensure that malicious actors who might intercept people’s internet traffic can’t see their queries. Many major sites have begun serving content over SSL by default, such as Gmail in early 2010, Twitter in February 2012, and Facebook in November 2012. Search has also been moving toward encryption. Google introduced Encrypted Search in May 2010 and made encryption the default for signed-in users starting in October 2011. Firefox announced a switch to SSL for all Google searches in July 2012, and Safari did the same thing in September 2012. Chrome is continuing this trend.

From version 25, all users will have SSL search by default. Version 25 is currently available on beta and dev channels. So expect this change on stable channel in couple of weeks.

via The Chromium Blog.

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