100 Tips for Google Chrome – Updated 2013

Remember the free eBook, 100 Tips for Chrome? Well, I have updated it with new tips, and some other welcome changes. But this time, I am not releasing it as an eBook. The new 100 tips will be a page on chromestory.com which will be updated frequently and maintained for accuracy. And its free as it used to be.

Tell Me About The New Stuff

  • New Tips
  • Removed themes section (that means space for 10 more tips!)
  • Removed Chromebook tips (space for 10 more tips, and separate page for Chromebook tips, which have 38 tips so far, and growing.

Since this is a page, you can leave comments, and suggest changes and contribute new tips. I can update the page frequently making it more awesome!


 100 Google Chrome Tips For Everyone

Thank you!

Thanks to everyone who helped me put this together. There are many who suggested tips, did proof reading and encouraged me.

Thanks everyone on the Chromebook community on Google Plus. (Are you a member? if not, get in there now, we have a bunch of cool chromies there!)

Ready? Here is 100 Google Chrome Tips for Everyone. Read it, and share it if you liked it. Please do not share this post, share the original page itself.

ps: I have couple of categories still not completed. I am still looking for some more tips to put in there. But as I said, this page will be updated frequently, so check back again for the rest of them!

Next? I need to work more on the Chromebook tips page to get it to 100, and then create a page with some Android and iOS Chrome tips! What do you think?

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Dinsan made Google Chrome his default browser within hours of its release. He fell in love with Chromebooks from the day he first touched one and is currently obsessed with Chromecasts.

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  • Efren Rosario 23/05/2013, 8:10 pm

    hi, I really enjoy reading about the chrome story. It is very helpful.
    I just have one question. Does chrome book will able to read nad connect to an external DVD? Tha’s the only thing for me that Chromebook is missing. Everything else is almost perfect .this is the most easy and friendly lap top that I have that I have no complain at all