No More Silent Extension Installs on Chrome, Says The Team

If you take a quick look at the most popular topics on the Chrome support forum, you will understand how important this change is. I posted about this sometime back in October. Then  updated one his extensions to fix this problem. Now we have an inbuilt fix coming to Chrome. So what am I talking about?

Software installing extensions to Chrome without user permission.

It’s important for users to know what extensions they have enabled since extensions can sometimes influence Chrome’s functionality and performance. Many users have installed extensions from the Chrome Web Store, but some users have extensions that were silently installed without their knowledge.

Until now, it has been possible to silently install extensions into Chrome on Windows using the Windows registry mechanism for extension deployment. This feature was originally intended to allow users to opt-in to adding a useful extension to Chrome as a part of the installation of another application. Unfortunately, this feature has been widely abused by third parties to silently install extensions into Chrome without proper acknowledgment from users.

Extensions installed by third party programs using external extension deployment options will be disabled by default. When a third party program installs an extension, the Chrome menu will be badged, and users can click through the Chrome menu to see a dialog containing an option to enable the extension or to remove it from their computer.


So, when you see such a notification showing up on Chrome, you know what to do!

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