Google is Building An Extension to Project Chrome Tabs to Other Devices

And it is called Cloud View. 

What is it For?

François Beaufort reports that Google is working on a cool Chrome extension that will help users project or mirror contents from a web tab to other discoverable devices. Think of playing youtube on a Chrome tab and projecting it to a TV in the living room or something similar.

This is still under development, but you can download and manually load this to Chrome from the chrome://extensions page. François Beaufort  has shared the download link here.

The Cloud View extension will use two of the recently added extension APIs. Local Device Recovery and TabCapture.

Tab Capture

According to the Chromium website, this API is

The proposed APIs enable tab output to be captured as a media stream, and transmitted using WebRTC.  Supporting APIs are also defined to notify and query the capture status for tabs.

And for the use cases,

This API enables a special form of screencasting, but in which users are able to share the contents of a tab rather than sharing their entire desktop.  This avoids a number of issues with desktop sharing, such as the presence of icons, taskbars, window chrome, pop-ups, and other elements that it is often not desirable (or in some cases, even embarassing – e.g. when a new mail notification or IM shows up for all to see) to share.

Local Device Recovery

Here is the commit log for this from the Chromium code page

This implements the skeleton for a new Chrome extension API for local device discovery. The API will first be restricted to whitelisted extensions only. The API will allow extensions to receive events from a DIAL service running within Chrome which notifies of devices being discovered on the local network.

These two APIs work together to enable streaming of contents from a tab (and not the entire desktop) to other devices. We have to wait for more details , or a working copy of the extension. Stay tuned!

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  • Yvan 01/01/2013, 6:09 pm

    Google is starting to build cool APIs for Chrome. I hope it will help Chrome OS with some new great packaged apps. For example, I was recently looking for a video capture app which would allow me to create some demo videos of any web app I use at work. I hope Tab Capture will help building this kind of app. Ideally, it would save the captured videos directly on Drive.