What’s New in Chrome for Developers?

The Chrome team has posted a list of new features added to the latest beta version of Chrome, for developers.

  • Datalist support in date and time
  • MathML
  • Un-prefixed APIs

There are a few other features added and a bunch of experiments removed with this beta version. You can visit chromestatus.com for a complete overview of Chrome’s developer features.

Datalist support in date and time

datalist allows you to specify a list of suggested dates and times for input elements. Of course, users still have the freedom to enter arbitrary dates and times. One use case is helping users choose when their food should be ready for pickup:


Now you can write mathematical content in MathML and expect it to be consistently beautiful across the web. Special kudos to WebKit volunteer Dave Barton for implementing this on his own accord.

via Chromium Blog.

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