Search Web Store and Install Apps From Chrome Apps Menu

So, I started writing this post with the tile, Search Web Store and Install Apps From Chrome OS Apps Menu. Then I remember that the Apps menu is not exclusive to Chrome OS anymore.

We should start calling it the Chrome Apps Menu.

And Google is working hard to make the Apps menu more useful and use it as a tool to attractive more users towards the complete Chrome echo system; installing more apps that is. My friend François Beaufort is keeping a close eye on the developments around everything Chrome and found this little update that will be real hit if you ask me.

Here is the plan, a developer style description, I must warn you.

Apps based on pattern matching
(Catch all) Chrome App (which when entered will execute your query in the omnibox using the omnibox logic either opening a URL, auto-completing, or doing a web search)
WebStore Result > Adding one result from the web store if a match is found (otherwise don’t show webstore)

So, once this is implemented,  users will see links from the Chrome Web Store while searching for something from the Chrome Apps Menu. This link will have an option to directly install the app or extension, without leaving the apps menu.

The following screenshot shows a search for calc and search result shows an app that is installed ans another one from the Chrome Web Store, with an Add To Chrome button.

Now, this is not a final version of this feature and we might see changes before it lands on Chrome. But one thing is for sure. Google is quite serious about this Apps Menu. We will definitely see lot of new features and options showing up around this. Making the experience seamless on Chrome and Chrome OS is one of the key objectives of the Chrome team. They do not want to keep much things exclusive to Chrome OS in order to bring more users to it.  For Google, Chrome OS and Chrome has the same business motive as Android. Bring more people to the internet and Google services.

I am excited. Are you?

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