[Rumor] Google Branded Touchscreen Chromebook in 2013?

Google is keeping me busy these days. First it was the $249 ARM Chromebook from Samsung, and then the $199 Chromebook from Acer, and now, we have rumors of a Google branded touch screen Chromebook, due for Q1 2013.

China Times is reporting that Google is in the final stages of getting a touch screen Chromebook ready for 2013 launch. A translated version reads:

Supply chain revealed that Google designed netbook with touch functionality, but notice the order amount is not large, tentative only 20 million units to infer the nature of internal testing, the components plants begin shipping in November, is responsible for OEM Compal fastest will start shipping at the end of the year.

The Touch Screen Story, So Far.

We already know that Chrome OS has a touch friendly version in the making. The last one I reported said:

Disable Touch Devices

Signed-off-by: Benson Leung

TEST=Allow the system to dim and turn of the screen.
Ensure there are no stray touches on the touchscreen.
Suspend the system with a lid close. Ensure there are
no stray touches on resume.

But all this while, I was under the impression that the team has a tablet in mind. May be they have both planned? A touch screen Chromebook and a Chrome OS based tablet?

google chrome os  Is This Screenshot from a Chrome OS Tablet?

Remember the above screenshot? This showed up on the Chromium OS code base some time back, and my friend Pedram Jabbari spotted it. So, there is something happening around touch screen based devices.

Anyways, this is just a rumor for now. But we will diffidently be watching the code base more closely for touch based changes. So, stay tuned.

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  • Rex Rollman 27/11/2012, 7:11 pm

    This sounds like an awful idea. I hope it isn’t true.

  • Selden 03/12/2012, 2:29 am

    20 million units is a mis-translation; the correct number would be 200,000. But, it’s still a rumor, and nothing new has appeared since it first appeared.