New Acer Chromebook – $199 Sounds Good To You?

So the rumor about the new Chromebook was correct.

We were all happy with $249 price of Samsung ARM Chromebook. Now here is a Chromebook from Acer, at $199. The price is attractive, but there is a few to compromise on, and there is a bunch of things that you get extra, compared to the ARM Chromebook.

Specs New Acer Chromebook

Here is the specs for you:

  • 11.6’’ (1366×768) display
  • 1 inch thin – 3 lbs / 1.4 kg
  • 3.5 hours of battery1
  • Intel® Core™ processor
  • 100 GB Google Drive Cloud Storage2 with 320 GB Hard Disk Drive
  • Dual band Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n and Ethernet
  • HD Camera
  • 3x USB 2.0
  • 1x HDMI Port, 1x VGA port

So you get an Intel Core processor which is really great compared to any other Chromebook available in the market as of now. You get a 320 GB Hard Disk Drive which is great for this price, but for a Chrome OS device that is built for cloud computing, this is not really a must have. Using  HDD instead of a  Solid State Drive also comes with its own drawbacks. The boot up time has been estimated at 18 seconds. That is kind of ok, but the battery life has been estimated at 3.5  hours, which is very, very low comparing to the ARM Chromebook.

For me, the battery life and the overall look and feel of Samsung Chromebook seems to be more attractive than this $199 price tag of the new Acer Chromebook.  However, Acer and Google has done a commendable job on packing a 320 GB HDD and an Intel Core processor in a $199 machine. If you were planning to buy a Chromebook and load Ubuntu or Windows 8 on it, this is the one you should buy.

Starting tomorrow, the Acer Chromebook will be available for $199 in the U.S. on Google Play, and rolling out this week in select Best Buy stores. In the U.K., it’s available on Google Play, Amazon UK, PC World and Currys.

So, which one are you buying?

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Dinsan made Google Chrome his default browser within hours of its release. He fell in love with Chromebooks from the day he first touched one and is currently obsessed with Chromecasts.

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  • Nicholai 13/11/2012, 2:25 pm

    Is it even possible to put Windows 8 on Chromebooks that aren’t the cr-48? Like it says in the ending of the post.

  • Craig Tumblison 13/11/2012, 6:00 pm


    While every Chrome device has a secure boot process that protects the Chrome OS image, every device *also* has a a feature called “developer mode” which allows for that verified boot process to be be bypassed (similar to “jailbreaking”).

    With that said, not every Chromebook will run Windows 8. As of now, only the CR-48 has been confirmed to work. We can also say confidently that the Samsung Series 3 unit will not be compatible with Windows 8 because it uses an ARM processor. This Acer unit uses an Intel processor, which means it is *likely* it will be compatible (with a few tweaks), but until the developer community gets a few of these we can’t say for sure. 🙂

    Should you be interested in keeping up to date with the progress of such adventures, feel free to find /r/Chromebook on

    • Nicholai 14/11/2012, 5:05 am

      Thanks Craig, yah I actually installed Ubuntu on my Chromebook via Chrubuntu and use it for everyday tasks, I was wondering if you knew of a place I could find a tutorial for Windows 8 or even Windows 7 to put on my Samsung 550 Chromebook.

      • Craig Tumblison 14/11/2012, 7:11 pm

        As far as I’m aware, the CR48 is the only Chromebook that has had Windows installed. I expect we may see it install on others as time moves on, but I can’t make any promises, sorry 🙁

        • Nicholai 15/11/2012, 12:44 am

          Ahh, well, it’s alright, thanks for the information anyway.

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