How To View Chrome Extensions Interacting With A Web Page

You have got a bunch of installed on Google Chrome. You will see some of them doing their job while browsing a web page, like Adblock removing advertisements for you. But there are many that run in the background. Ever wanted to see a list of extensions interacting with the page you are on now?

Yes, you can do that. Without an extension.

Google recently added a new experimental feature to Chrome that will help you with this. Script Bubble. This is available for Mac, Linux, Windows and Chrome OS. Once enabled, this will add an icon on the right end of the Omnibar (addressbar). You can view extensions interacting with your current page just by clicking this icon.

The most important use for this feature is of course security. Assume that you install an extension to do something on a specific website, and you find the extension interacting with all the pages you visit, that’s not correct, right? You can find out such behaviors using this feature.

How To Activate This Feature

To activate the feature, enter chrome://flags/ in Chrome’s address bar and locate the Script Bubble on the page. Click Enable and restart Chrome. This is available in Canary and Development builds. I couldn’t test this on beta or stable. If you find this on stable or beta, do let me know!


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