[Extension] Humble New Tab Page Is An Awesome Extension Guys

Humble, it is called. But this extension packs a lots of stuff, but still keeps things simple for you. It is a new take at your new tab page on Chrome. I don’t think this will be for everyone, but for those who like simple and minimal, this indeed a +1.

The Humble New Tab Page extension for Chrome removes your traditional New Tab Page and puts something new there. It does the following to start with

  • Removes thumbnails for your most visited websites.
  • Adds weather, neat and clean.
  • Puts the bookmarks, apps and recently closed tabs in expandable list with favicons.
Even when things are kept simple, this extension gives you full control over how things look and feel. You get to control what shows up in that list. For example, I did not like the bookmarks being presented that way, I removed bookmarks from that list. But apps, most visited and recently closed tabs as a list? YES to that.
You can click and expand the weather to see the prediction for the next day.

Colors, CSS and Background Image

Now, lets see how you can customize the look of the extension. Click the Wrench icon on the top right corner of your new tab page to access the options page. You can get control what is listed and what is not, from here.
  • For the looks of the extension, you can control
  • Font
  • Font Size
  • Colors for the font, background and more
  • Layout (spacing and margin etc)
  • Height
  • Animation
  • Background image (with additional options)
 From the Advanced panel of the options page, you can control the CSS and add custom CSS elements if you are in to that and that is why I said you get complete control with extension.
I do not know why this extension did not get good media coverage yet! Lifehacker, are you listening?

Right Click and Add New Column, Open All Tabs

If you decided to install this extension, you must try this. Right click the list and add a new column for  say, apps, or recently closed tabs. This one is my favorite.
You can also open all tabs using this method if you are clicking bookmarks, most visited etc. I won’t attempt this on my bookmarks folder, but I can think of adding a few websites that I want open at once, group them in to a bookmarks folder, and open this way from my new tab page.
I would love to see titles added to these columns though. Right now, if you make a new column for your new tab page, it just lists these websites, without any title to it.
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