Coming Soon to Chrome OS – Public Accounts and Kiosk Mode

Here is an upcoming feature on Chrome OS, Public Accounts. We are most likely to see this on Chrome OS when it hits version 25. Things are still in work in progress, but we have some screenshots already, thanks to our friend François Beaufort.

So, What Exactly is this Public Account?

Good question. Let me tell you what it is.

I remember visiting my Bank a few weeks back and they had left a PC with their netbanking page open, for customers to login and use their online bank account. They had put an entire windows PC, just to give their customers a browser tab or two.

I am sure you have seen similar stuff, may be in an office, or a cafe or an airport.

What if there was a Chrome OS device with a public account? Public Account in Chrome OS will give the ability to any user to use a public chrome device for a defined period of time.

No email, no password, some predefined options and you’ll browse the web without to worry since browser history, search history and cookies will be cleared out as soon as you end your session.

In the list of features planned, I can see

  • fullscreen mode
  • single app mode
  • dashboard mode
I am trying to imagine what they will be. Full screen mode? Yes, I get that. Single App mode? Uhmm may be something like this, an interactive advertisement running on a public place? A kiosk at the airport to check details of your flight?
Now, what is Dashboard mode guys?

I can already think of many use cases for this feature. Can you think of any?

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  • yvan 07/11/2012, 12:56 am

    Dashboard of widgets style apps?

    But what is the difference between Public and Incognito? I guess Public is a kind of specialization of Incognito.

    • Robb 07/11/2012, 9:08 pm

      I’m guessing that public mode has greater lockdown options from the chrome os ‘management console’ than just having users log in with incognito.

      • Cougar Abogado 10/11/2012, 6:07 am

        I assume you guys mean “Guest Mode.”

        I’m confused about the difference, myself.