Click = Search Settings – Smart Move By Chrome OS Developers

I am not sure if I could convey the idea with that title. So, here is what I am talking about. If you use Chrome OS, try this with me. Before we start, I am not sure when this feature was added and which version of Chrome OS has this. So, try this out and let me know if you guys have this.

Click the profile icon on the taskbar and then click the date and time. With that, what you are actually doing is, opening the Chrome OS settings page to adjust your time and timezone etc.

The usual way of developing this will be, linking the settings page so that the time and date settings URL opens when user clicks the date and time. That’s what I have seen at least.

At some point, if you decide to change the location of the date and time settings page, you will have to come back and update it here, and wherever you have linked it from.

Chrome OS is doing this differently. Since Chrome OS settings page is searchable, instead of linking it directly to the date and settings page, they have added a search string. So, when you click date and time on the task bar, you are searching the settings page for date and time.

So, if they want to move the date and time settings (or any other setting) to a different page, they can do it without worrying about updating their links.

Cool isn’t it? Have you noticed anything cool like this on Chrome OS on any other software?

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