Chrome Story Powered By Chromebook and Coffee

Finally, I have my own Chromebook. A Cr48 at that.

I have always complained about not owning a Chromebook to write more about Chromebooks and Chrome OS. As you guys already know, I was managing with a dell netbook loaded with Chromium OS. But today, I am writing this very post from a Cr48. This is not a brand new Chromebook, but it is still beautiful.

I am trying to get used to this new keyboard now. It feels nice, but you know, this is new. I stop typing in between, searching for the delete key, and things like that.

So, how am I planning to celebrate this?

I am going to write a post with 100 tips for Chrome OS and Chromebooks, similar to my 100 tips for Chrome ebook. I haven’t decided if this also has to be a PDF book or a page on the blog. Your suggestions are welcome! And yes, keep asking me about this so that I will complete this on time.

That’s it for now guys! End of this happy post 🙂

  1. Welcome to the limited club!!

  2. Just got my Samsung Series 3 and feel like i’m part of an exclusive club. 🙂

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