Introducing Web Platform Docs

Web developers know how difficult it is to get things right while building a website and making it look right on all browsers. With the number of browsers and platforms they work on increasing day by day,

they needed a place to find the right information, fast and easy.

Welcome Web Platforms Docs .org.

When you want to build something for the web, it’s surprisingly difficult to find out how you can implement your vision across all browsers and operating systems. You often need to search across various websites and blogs to learn how certain technologies can be used. It’s kind of like a scavenger hunt, except it’s not any fun.

This scavenger hunt is soon coming to an end. Google along with the W3C and several leading internet and technology companies just announced the alpha release of Web Platform Docs. Web Platform Docs is a community-driven site that aims to become the comprehensive and authoritative source for web developer documentation.

The founding members of Web Platforms Docs have all already provided a lot of content for the site to help get this effort off to a strong start. However, collectively, we’ve barely scratched the surface. We decided that it would be better to open up Web Platform Docs to the community as early as possible, so that everyone–including you–can help expand and refine the documentation, and ultimately define the direction of the site.

If you have more questions about Web Platform Docs, you can find us on Twitter.

Via Chromium Blog.

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