How To Remove Babylon Search Engine From Chrome

Is this changing default search engine a good money making venture? I have seen a lot of free software programs asking me to change the default search provider to one they suggest.

many times.

Then there is this toolbar business. I have seen a lot of people with 3 or 4 toolbars on their Internet Explorer window.

Looks like Babylon search engine is giving a lot of trouble like this to Chrome users. I found a very popular post on Google Help Forum with this issue. I am re-posting the solution suggested by a Google employee. Hope some of you find this useful.

How To Remove Babylon Search Engine From Chrome

EDIT: If you remember or can identify what software/extension/toolbar triggered this change, please do let us know what it is and where you had downloaded it from.

For those of you who are new to this thread, Chrome’s page for managing Settings has changed since this post was first created.

If you are seeing Babylon search in Chrome instead of your usual homepage/default search engine/startup pages, please check the following for traces of Babylon.

  • If Babylon pages are opening up each time you start up Chrome, check in Chrome menu (previously Wrench icon) Settings On Startup > next to the radio button for Open a specific page or set of pages, click on Set pages > remove any unwanted URLs by hovering over the URL until you see an “X” appear to the right side of the URL.
  • If all searches that you perform in the omnibox is returning with results from Babylon instead of your preferred search engine, check in Chrome menu (previously Wrench icon) Settings Search Manage search engines > check the list of Default search enginesOther search engines, and Search engines added by extensions, and remove suspicious entries that you are not familiar with. Depending on your extensions, you may not see the last section for Search engines added by extensions.
  • If Babylon is opening up when you click on the Home button, check in Chrome menu (previously Wrench icon) Settings Appearance > select the Show Home button checkbox > check if the URL that appears below it references Babylon. 
  • Also check that there are no extensions installed that may be causing these changes. Go to Chrome menu (previously Wrench icon) Settings Extensions > if you see any unfamiliar extension that you do not remember installing, try disabling/removing the extension to see it was causing these changes. To disable, uncheck the “Enabled” checkbox next to the extension. To remove, hover over the extension until you see a trash can icon appear, and click on the icon.
If you are seeing another behavior for Babylon, please provide us with more details about it.

These changes are usually caused by a 3rd party software that you may have installed. Some of these software will bundle toolbars, or other extensions/programs as part of the installation causing changes to your default browser’s startup pages, search engine, and homepage settings. If you do not remember installing any Babylon specific software around the time that this change took place, it is advisable to perform a malware scan to make sure that there are no other suspicious programs remaining that could make changes to your settings.

 Hope you got it fixed by now!
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  • Miguel 08/10/2012, 10:32 pm

    is there a way to prevent this? like blocking the chrome settings to change?