How To Redeem The Free 100 GB Google Drive From Your Chromebook

How To Redeem The Free 100 GB Google Drive and other offers From Your Chromebook.

For Google Drive, you can go to and follow couple of easy steps!

Which Chrome devices are eligible for this offer from Google Drive?

  • Samsung Chromebook
  • Samsung Chromebook Series 5 550
  • Samsung Chromebox Series 3

For Other Offers

Google is planning to bring more offers to Chromebook users, like 12 free Gogo in-air internet passes. Here is the Google Help article explaining how these offers work.

Google has partnered with certain service providers to bring special offers to users with eligible Chrome devices. In order to verify your device, we have a Chrome OS registration service that verifies eligibility.

When you visit a service provider’s website that has an offer, a message checking for your device’s eligibility will appear.

If you click on the service provider’s name, you can verify the domain that is requesting to check your eligibility.

Click the Allow button to see if you qualify for the offer.

  • A unique registration code and your Chrome device model is sent to the Chrome OS registration server. These registration codes (one unique code and one group code) are embedded in Chrome devices during manufacturing.

Click the Deny button if you don’t want to check for eligibility.

  • If you deny the eligibility check, no information will be sent to the registration server and a failure message will be sent to the website checking for eligibility.

The registration codes are stored in a writeable portion on disk and can be changed in developer mode.

To ensure security, the Chrome OS registration process uses the unique code and group code to ensure that each request is used only once.

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