Google Chrome’s Malware Alert Page Gets New Design

I am not sure if this really newI saw this one today for the first time. There, declaimer.

But first, what’s malware?

The term “malware” covers all sorts of malicious software designed to harm a computer or network. Malware can be installed on your machine without your knowledge, often through deceptive links or downloads posing as something you might be interested in. Once malware has been installed on your computer, cyber criminals can sometimes try to access your personal information. They do this by logging your keystrokes or monitoring your computer’s activity. Your computer could also be controlled and forced to visit websites, send spam email or perform other actions without your knowledge. The effects of malware can be anything from a brief annoyance to identity theft.

Here is the text from the malware alert

The Website Ahead Contains Malware!
Google Chrome has blocked access to for now.
Even if you have visited this website safely in the past, visiting it now is very likely to infect your computer with malware.
Malware is malicious software that causes things like identity theft, financial loss, and permanent file deletion. Learn more
You can click Advanced and select the option to continue on your own risk. That’s another change on this design. Earlier, the option to continue to the page was available without an extra click. This however hides it under Advanced.
Seen this design before ?
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