Google Chrome Getting Hijacked By Unwanted Extensions? Get this Extension

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Those were just a few threads from the official Chrome Help forum. Threads with thousands of views and many many replies. Looks like there are lot of them with Chrome hijacked by some extensions they did not want.

I had a similar situation recently when I installed AVG antivirus free version. A Google Chrome extension was added without my knowledge. May be it was mentioned in the policy, but I did not see any pop-up from Chrome as well, asking me if I want that extension to be installed.

I posted a how to recently on how to clean up Chrome if you got affected by any of these unwanted apps or extensions.

Yes, Chrome Extensions Can Be Installed Without Your Permission

Strange, but Google Chrome allows extensions to be installed without you ever noticing it. Here is the documentation explaining how this can be achieved.

The danger is, malware also can use this method to push extensions to Chrome without your knowledge, and that’s a bit scary.

 What is The Solution?

My friend  has updated his popular extension Extensions Update Notifier to help you block such extensions being pushed to your Chrome. He first created this extension to notify users when Chrome extensions are updated. It is useful to have this little extension because extensions usually updated in the background without users’ notice. (Do you know that you can manually update Chrome extensions?)

With the latest update to this extension,  has added a new feature to this extension. From now on, it’ll show a warning for each extension (not an app) that has been installed behind the scenes. You’ll have the choice to keep it or disable it.

Pretty useful right? Get the extension here and please share this post with your friends and help them stay safe!!

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