And Android Chrome OS Integration Begins!! [Updated – This is Not Correct]

Update: Looks like I was wrong!

Jérémy Milhau explained how this actually works, on Google Plus.

In fact, the integration is not based on Chrome, but on search history. So if you perform a Google Maps/Flight/Sports Team or Movie search on Firefox being logged-in, you will have the same Google Now experience as if you were on Chrome!

In fact in Google Now it is explained that everything is based on: Location (current, past  and patterns via Latitude) / Google Search history / external data (such as weather / sports / movies / public emergency messages …)


Yes, Google launched a cheap Chromebook today. Yes, its a pretty nice hardware for a reasonable price. Yes, this was a big announcement.

Yes, yes, and yes. But you know what’s even more bigger news for me? I found out something cool about Android and Chrome OS today. Chrome OS is learning to play nice with Android. (If you are reading this on an Android blog, you will see something like, Android is learning to play nice with Chrome OS btw)


Okay, everything depends on how you define Integration. I am not talking about Android and Chrome OS becoming one operating system. But, both operating systems playing nicely with each other, cleverly using Cloud for their advantage.

Where’s The Proof?

I should have given you this in the beginning of this post itself, but anyways, here it is. Watch the video and see what happens at 4 minute onward. They open up Google Maps and search for a restaurant  and  on the Android phone, Google Now gives a card based on that search. Pretty neat, uh?

There is another demo of Google Drive pushing a photo from Android phone to Google Drive on Chromebook which is obvious and  not an integration between the operating systems.

So, what’s happening here? Google Now and Chrome Sync interacted with each other and gave you that info. Now, it is Chromesync that handles this task on Chromebook.

Oh Chromesync! Isn’t that the thing that we have on Chrome on Windows, Mac, Linux or any platform where we have signed in to Chrome to sync data? So, what does that mean!!

Think guys think!!  Remember the invite from Google for an Android event on 29th of this month? It said:

Any guesses?

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Dinsan made Google Chrome his default browser within hours of its release. He fell in love with Chromebooks from the day he first touched one and is currently obsessed with Chromecasts.

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