Tanjore Art – A Chrome Theme by Google

Remember this Chrome video ad?  Tanjore – The Web Is What You Make Of It

Here is a Chrome Theme inspired by this cool ad. For those who love Indian art, or may be Art, in general!

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This theme inspired from the traditional Tanjore art form was created on user request after seeing the Google film for Chrome. The film was inspired by the real story of G. Rajendran, an artist from Tamil Nadu (Southern India) who used the web to bring the dying art of Tanjore paintings back to life and became a successful businessman in the process. The art is supposed to have originated in 1600 A.D and is an important part of the local social and cultural heritage.

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  • liju philip 12/09/2012, 9:44 pm

    Finally started using chrome again after almost a year. Trying out a few themes. The Tanjore art looks cool…will try it out

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