How To Control Permissions for Any Website From Google Chrome Addressbar

Google recently pushed a really useful feature to the dev bulds which helps you control content permissions for any website from the addressbar.

You will know how useful it is when I list a few things you can do with this feature.

Here is what you can do.

  • Show/Block images from the website
  • Enable or Disable Javascript
  • Enable or Disable plugins
  • Control pop ups behaviour
  • Control Location Settings
  • Control Notification Setttings
  • Control Full Screen mode settings
  • Control Mouse Lock settings
  • See cookies stored by the website, and more!

You can do all these and more by clicking the icon before the URL of the page you are on. Here is a screenshot from

You have a long list of settings under “Permissions” try one by one and tweak permissions on any website you visit!

This section was holding the “Connection” information which shows security related info of the current website. This has been moved to a separate tab now.

I am sure this feature is going to be really popular among most of the Chrome users. The ability to control all these settings for individual website, right from the addressbar, is really amazing.

What do you think?

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