Google Chrome Now Supports ICC v2 Profiles

Okay, honestly, I have never heard of this thing before. But hey, this is how we all learn things right? So, here we go, to make things easy, lets start with a small note from Wikipedia, explaining what ICC v2 profiles are.

In digital imaging systems, color management is the controlled conversion between the color representations of various devices, such as image scanners, digital cameras, monitors, TV screens, film printers, computer printers, offset presses, and corresponding media.

The primary goal of color management is to obtain a good match across color devices; for example, the colors of one frame of a video should appear the same on a computer LCD monitor, on a plasma TV screen, and as a printed poster. Color management helps to achieve the same appearance on all of these devices, provided the devices are capable of delivering the needed color intensities.

.. and the Wikipedia was recently updated with the following

Google Chrome: uses the system provided ICC v2 and v4 support on OS X, and from version 22 supports ICC v2 profiles by default on other platforms

Who  Is This Useful For?

Short answer? Photographers. Here is how Google Chrome team explained this on their Google Plus page.

The Chrome Stable release that rolled out this week also includes support for ICC v2 profiles. This is a fancy way of saying that photographers (and other digital artists) who work with wide-gamut color spaces won’t have to worry about converting their images to a different color space in order to enjoy their original richness online. The below side-by-side example illustrates the difference that this could make in photographs.

I am not sure how useful this is going to be for me, but I am for sure happy about Chrome Team’s efforts to make Chrome better in any possible way.

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