“You’ve Got Mail” Gmail Notifier Extension for Chrome #nostalgia

A nostalgic piece of web for you today, in the form of a Chrome Extension. “You’ve Got Mail” Gmail Notifier Extension for Chrome

For those who don’t know the story of this, from Digital Inspiration

Back in the days of dial-up Internet, America Online (AoL) subscribers would hear a sound alert saying “You’ve got mail” every time a new email landed in their AOL mailbox.

Voice-over artist Elwood Edwards initially recorded these three words on a cassette tape to sell them as a .wav file, AOL decided to use the sound into their mail program and the line became such a hit that it even inspired Warner Bros. to create a movie with the same name – “You’ve got mail.”

Introducing, The Extension

Here is what the developer has got to say!

You love Gmail, but you miss the congratulatory alert “You’ve got mail” that made using America Online so thrilling. Now you can hear it every time you get a new Gmail message.

Install the extension, log into Gmail, and imagine yourself in 1998, hoping nobody picks up the phone while your 14.4K modem howls.

Excited? Get your extension here

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