You Can Use Gamepads To Play Google’s Hurdles Doodle on Chrome

Today’s Google Doodle, the hurdles run, is awesome. It is more so if you are using Google Chrome.

Today’s sporty Google Doodle is actually an interactive, HTML5 game that uses the new Gamepad API to detect whether you have a gamepad controller attached to your computer. Google posted this on Google Plus:

Our series of sporting doodles takes a leap into action today with an interactive hurdle race. Using your keyboard, mouse or even—if you’re using +Google Chrome or special builds of Firefox—a USB gamepad, you can navigate our runner along the track and help him jump the hurdles. Just like the real thing, the event is timed, so we encourage you to give it a shot  on our homepage and compare your best attempts with your friends!

For the techier among you, a fun tidbit: this doodle makes use of the brand-new Gamepad API, which uses JavaScript to read the state of any gamepad controller attached to your computer, and which was just added to Chrome last week

What Gamepads Can Be Used?

Generally, any modern gamepad that is supported by your system natively should work. The team tested various gamepads from off-brand USB controllers on a PC, through PlayStation 2 gamepads connected via a dongle to a Mac, all the way to Bluetooth controllers paired with a Chrome OS notebook.

Want to know how they pulled this off? read here.


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