Still Using Google Reader? Grow Up! – Get Feedly Today

Sometime back in 2010, I pinned a tab on Chrome so that it will open up whenever I launch Chrome. With its green icon glowing, feedly stayed inside this pinned tab since then.

Meet feedly, the website I spent hours on, the Chrome extension that I can’t live without!

I have blogged about feedly many times but it is definitely worth another post, to introduce the app to new readers here and also to let you guys all know about how awesome feedly looks now.

What is feedly?

In simple words, its an app that takes content from your boring Google Reader stream and presents in a magazine styled UI. It is available for Chrome and other browsers as extensions and also on Android and iOS for your mobile/tablet reading.

It directly syncs with your Google reader account, so all the content you have there, including your unread items, syncs seamlessly. I have never used Google reader after I found feedly, years back. So, don’t be surprised when I saw it is my most favorite Chrome extension.

The team at feedly is always busy trying to figure out ways to make your reading experience better. So, you will see new features, coming to you pretty frequently. Well, there is a correction in what I said. You won’t actually notice these changes. Because, there were only very few changes that the team made in these years that disturbed the reading experience and I think that’s really important for an app like feedly, working as a reading platform.

They do serve ads as well on the feedly website, but they won’t disturb you while reading. Even better, it removes ads from the feeds you have subscribed to, and puts your content clean for reading.

Customize to your Taste!

There are multiple layout options available which makes it possible to change the layout of your feedly. You can assign different layouts for different sources or sections.

You can pick different themes as well, to redesign your feedly page. I leave it to default, because I trust the team’s choice. I am sure they would have chosen the best theme as default 🙂

Go to to experience feedly today!

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Dinsan made Google Chrome his default browser within hours of its release. He fell in love with Chromebooks from the day he first touched one and is currently obsessed with Chromecasts.

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