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Search Your Google Drive From Chrome’s Addressbar

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Awesome news for Google Drive fans. Here is an extension that gives you a cool functionality.

Search your Google Drive from your Omnibar.

You can do this with an extension for now, but don’t you think it will be a good idea to add this feature to Chrome by default?

If you think so, star this bug created by François Beaufort. Instead of having to go to drive.google.com or opening the Files app to perform a search, I’d love to be able to search my Google Drive files directly from the omnibox, he says.

But looks like he didnt want to wait for this feature to be included in Chrome, which may take a while (not a lot considering the speed at which the team introduces new features)

He decided not to wait and created this extension. Omnidrive.

I am sure you will love this. Especially if you own a Chromebook and have some stuff stored on the drive.

Get it here.

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