New Default Font and Wallpaper for Chrome OS (Download Them!)

Chrome OS is getting another make over. Looks like the team is busy making UI changes to give a better look and feel for the OS. It is not just  a browser that locks you in anymore.

News today? a new default font and new default wallpaper!

The New Default Font

Noto Sans will replace Chrome Droid Sans as the primary UI font in Google Chrome OS which is going to cover all the Unicode characters (especially useful for Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, etc.)

Here is the full description from this commit.

Add Noto Sans fonts.

Noto is the name of font familes to cover all the Unicode characters.
In this CL, the first in series, Noto Sans and Noto Sans UI in 4 weights
(regular, bold, italic and bold italic) are added. More will come later.

Noto Sans and Noto Sans UI are identical at the mmeont and
they’re in TTC to avoid the duplication. They may diverge down the road,
but they’ll remain packaged in TTC to share as much data as possible.

Noto Sans UI will replace Chrome Droid Sans as the primary UI font on
See for the Chromium-side

You can download the new font family here.

New Default Wallpaper

Google has picked a new default wallpaper for Chrome OS. Here it is, click to zoom in and download.

This photo was taken by Clemens Günthermann. Go check his portfolio at

Looks like we are getting closer to relese of new set of Chromebooks. What do you think?

Thanks François Beaufort

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  • Allen 08/08/2012, 9:38 pm

    I think… I just bought mine, so crap! On the other hand waiting to see what new specs are available.

  • Kurtextrem 08/08/2012, 11:21 pm

    What about the first chrome os fonts? Tinos, Arimo & Cousine? Aren’t they used anymore?

  • Clemens 10/08/2012, 11:18 pm

    The background is now available as canvas print at 500px 😉

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