Google Play Video Now Works on Chromebooks!

Whatever the reason was, this one came out a little late. Were they busy getting things polished on Android?

Anyways, better late than never.

Chrome OS now supports Google Play video playback. This was available on dev and beta for  a while, but the last stable update made this feature available for everyone.

This however, still needs a bit of polishing work here is why. Kevin C. Tofel of GigaOm notes ” I tested to see if I could start watching a video on my tablet and then pick up where I left off on the Chromebook. No such luck, so I hope Google is working on that as a future feature for the ChromeOS.”

More Stuff with This Stable Update

The latest stable update brought in a few more stuff for Chrome OS users. If you are a regular here, you probably know about most of these things, I try to post stuff even before they make it to the stable release. In fact, I kind of ignore stable releases because there is nothing much interesting for me or my regular readers 🙂 (too much uh?)

So, here is the list of things changed, from the latest Chrome OS release.

  • We re-designed the App list to work alongside your browser and apps
  • New Print UI – please see the blog post for more details
  • You can select your own custom wallpaper
  • New, offline-capable Google Docs app
  • Update Adobe Flash to version
  • Flash Access Support
  • Seccomp Flash sandbox
  • New Shill connection manager
  • WiMax support in Shill
  • LTE Support for modem manager
  • Support Standard USB audio devices
  • Support wireless (bluetooth and others) Gamepads
  • Update GTalk Plug-In to version 3.3.3
  • Update Netflix Plug-in to version 2.0.5
  • Kernel rebased to 3.4
  • Gestures: support 3-finger tap/click as middle button
  • Resolved issues Samsung users were experiencing with Verizon Wireless activation

Any thing that we missed?

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